How To Earn Extra Bucks Daily With VideooTV? VideooTV Review

One of the easiest and fastest ways to earn online is by displaying ads on your website. Every year, we see more and more new ad networks competing with each other to gain more popularity.

This makes a positive impact and gives publishers the opportunity to earn more.

Generally, display banner ads are the most popular ones as they are easy to integrate and is the default way of earning from advertisements.

However, one particular ad network is going on a different route. VideooTV is one of the latest ad networks you may or may not have heard of before but in this post, we are going to take a look at what it offers and how you can increase your earnings with it.

8.3Expert Score

VideooTV has one of the best if not the best-performing video ad units that integrate naturally into the related posts slide show. The single ad is although enough to earn a few bucks per day, the program also offers regular display ads.

Ease of Integration
Easy Approval
  • Easy integration
  • Outstream ads with excellent CPM
  • Doesn't affect site speed significantly
  • Doesn't require you to remove other ads
  • Not very popular
  • dashboard doesn't offer many options


How I Came To Know About VideooTV?

Like most of the time, I came to know about VideooTV through an email. I am fortunate enough that I didn’t have to manually apply for other ad networks like Ezoic and Valueimpression and was contacted instead.

Both Ezoic and Valueimpression proved to be amazing ad networks with Ezoic providing me with 2X the income of Adsense and Valueimpression taking that figure to 2.5X.

It was very recently that I was contacted by the commercial manager of VideooTV and they promised to increase my earnings through the video ad display.

I checked about VideooTV on Google but couldn’t find much about it. There were hardly any reviews present and it’s kinda difficult to accept the proposal of someone who doesn’t seem to be that popular on the internet.

Their site still looked genuine though and after some research, I thought, “Why Not?”

What Do They Offer?

The company VideooTV is actually based in Spain but has offices in different countries including Colombia, Polonia, USA, and many more.

The ad network is definitely new because, in the “About Us” section, it lists only “100+” publishers which are seriously too low.

VideooTV is a Google MCM partner and has many premium partners that include Taboola, Google AdExchange, PubMatic, etc.

Their primary method for monetizing publishers’ sites is showing video ads in a unique way. Generally, you would see generic video ads being played automatically inside your posts or headers like that of Valueimpression. Still, with VideooTV, the ads are actually embedded in a post frame.

VideooTV ad

In simple words, VideooTV shows a big slide show frame of posts of your own site and embeds the video ads within. This allows the natural insertion of video ads because the user will be directed to your own posts if he clicks on any of the posts shown in the slide show.

Ad Formats

They currently have three different modes of showing the ad.

  1. Fixed: This will embed the video ad at a particular place inside your website.
  2. Floating: This makes the video ad sticky when you scroll.
  3. Footer: Your video ad will show up only at the footer and will be sticky.
VideooTV ad formats

Click to enlarge

VideooTV also has Display Ads with the most common sizes that include 728×90, 300×600, 320×100, etc. However, I haven’t tested them till now because in the dashboard I can’t find an option for those ads.

I am going to update this post once I figure out how to use them but currently, the most important tool of VideooTV is the video ads as mentioned previously.

Requirements For Applying

VideooTV has a dedicated contact form for publishers and they ask about the website and the monthly visits. I don’t know exactly how many visits they require for approving your website because they haven’t stated any guidelines but my website was getting 30,000 visits per month at the time they contacted me.

I am sure, they didn’t know the exact traffic of my website but if your website is getting somewhere 1000 visits per day, then you can try your luck.

My First-Hand Experience With VideooTV


Integration of VideooTV is perhaps the quickest one. All you need to do is copy the advertisers list they give you into your Ads.txt file just like some ad networks require you to.

After that, they give you an ad code to put anywhere you want but it is best to integrate it after the first few paragraphs. This will increase the visibility of the articles and may help in reducing the bounce rate.

Unfortunately, there is not much in the dashboard for your use and it is mostly for checking your stats. You cannot even find the ad code there because they give you the ad code through email.


Here is the fun part which you might be waiting for.

The earnings from VideooTV add up to some extra dollars every month and can easily go into hundreds of dollars if you are gaining thousands of visits per day.

With just 1000 visits per day, my earnings were somewhere between $0.5-$1.5 on normal days while $2-$3 per day in November and December.

VideooTV Dec 2022 earnings chart

Dec 2022 earnings chart, Click to enlarge

This was surely impressive for me as it was just a single ad code that was earning me a few dollars more and that too without any targeted traffic.

As around 40% of my total traffic comes from Tier 1 countries, the earnings could have been more if the traffic from these countries were more.

As VideooTV states, The CPM from the USA is €6 which is equal to $6.36 USD. This means if you have the majority of the traffic from the USA, then you would be able to earn at least $4-$5 with 1000 visits per day.

If you are getting 5000 visits per day, this equals $20-$25 per day which is $600-$750 per month from just a single ad.

Signup For VideooTV

Payment Method

For payment, VideooTV needs your details like Full name, ID number, Address, and Type of Payment: Payal/bank + Account number.

Their payment threshold is €10 but they pay after 3 months. Meaning, the earnings of January will be paid at the starting of May. This is pretty late compared to other ad networks which generally pay after 1-2 months.

VideooTV payment

Even the Amazon Associates program pays after 2 months. So, definitely a CON here for those who are looking for a quick cash out.

Using Other Ad Networks With VideooTV

One of the best benefits of using VideooTV is that it doesn’t interfere with other ad networks at all. Moreover, its unique video ad format distinguishes its ads from other networks and you can still use other advertising programs such as Adsense, Ezoic, VLI, Adsterra, Mediavine, etc.

In November and December 2022, I earned a total of $41.71+$46.29= $88 which definitely feels like an additional earning on the side that pays for the domain and hosting.

If you are using any other ad network with a video ad, it’s recommended that you keep the VideooTV video ad above the other video ad. You can leave the rest of the ad placement unchanged.

Conclusion- Should You Use VideooTV?

Using 1-2 ad networks on a single site is already overwhelming because it can ruin the user experience. Therefore, adding another ad network does not seem to be a good idea.

However, after giving it a try I changed my mind and kept it active which helps me earn a few bucks more every day. VideooTV not only saves your website’s look from ruining but also gives you decent earnings that you can use for paying for your hosting.

Currently, VideooTV is not that popular and there are almost no reviews you will find online. However, I have been using it for the past few months and also received the payment with a proper invoice. So, it is definitely a legit program and you should give it a try.

Start Earning With VideooTV


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