Why I Prefer Valueimpression Over Most Ad Networks: Case Study

There are more than a dozen ad networks that are actively being used by publishers for earning by displaying advertisements on their websites.

Valueimpression is another quickly growing ad network that promises to boost your ad income more than the others. It’s one of the primary ad networks that I still use on my niche site that generated over $150K in 5 years.

If you are getting bored of Adsense or if you are getting low CPM from your current ad network, Valueimpression might be the right solution for you but before that, it’s important to understand what this ad network is offering and if you can really benefit from it more than other ad networks.

This post won’t be a typical review because I would like to introduce and explain the most crucial things that made me continue using Valueimpression.

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Valueimpression offers a variety of ads to display on the sites that include both banners and video ads. With the video ad, the earnings increases significantly and with good traffic, you can easily expect 2-3 times more revenue than Adsense.

Ease of Integration
Easy Approval
  • Easy integration with or without any plugin
  • Outstream ads with great CPM
  • Doesn't affect site speed significantly
  • pays better than Ezoic for some niches
  • Hardly any customization
  • Video ads cannot be disabled completely
  • May not be good for every niche


What Does Valueimpression Offer?

Valueimpression provides advertisements in the form of display banners, instream/outstream video ads, and smart banners.

Generally speaking, most ad networks stick to display banner ads with some ad networks slowly adopting video ads to provide more revenue to the publishers. Speaking of video ads, if you want to use one of the best advertising networks, then VideooTV can easily earn you a few bucks with a single video ad.

As the name suggests, Valueimpression is an impression-based ad network that pays for ad impressions which might be attractive to many as you will earn even if the readers don’t click on ads.

This might also be a CON for some as click-based ad networks pay more per click if the reader CTR on the site is high enough.

Valueimpression has a dedicated eCPM for each type of ad where the Video ads have significantly a higher eCPM of up to $25 compared to $1-$3 with display banner ads.

They also have various payment modes that include Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and Currency. I personally use Payoneer because that has a very low currency conversion rate.

As the ad network integrates video ads natively into your website, it is guaranteed that you will earn more than Adsense and the video ad cannot be removed completely.

Valueimpression has a stricter requirement compared to Ezoic for accepting publishers in their program and you will need a minimum of 25,000 page views per month or 750,000 site impressions per month to apply for Valueimpression.

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I Was Hesitant At First

After a horrible experience with Ad Plus, I didn’t want to try another ad network because every ad network promises to boost your earnings but not every network works well on your site. Ezoic did well for me and I never thought that some random ad network would earn me more than Ezoic since it doubled my ad earnings.

This is not the ad network’s fault entirely but also depends on the site niche and the quality of traffic your site is getting.

I myself did not approach Valueimpression but received an email from them in June of 2021. I ignored several emails from them because of the reason I stated before.

The message they sent me was promising something that was almost impossible for me to even think of. They were promising me that my site would earn $2100-$2600 stably with their network. Certainly, they didn’t know what my current traffic was or they were just bluffing.

VLI first email

I was getting roughly 1400-1500 visits per day and earning $2000+ with this traffic was close to impossible unless I had 100% targetted traffic from a Tier 1 country, I wouldn’t achieve this number.

My chat with the VLI employee continued for several days and he suggested giving Valueimpression a shot. I even shared my current earnings from Ezoic to see what his response will be.

He said that I would be able to earn at least 1.8-1.9X more. This did seem impossible but still, I finally decided to try Valueimpression thinking that if it gives me at least 1.2-1.3X more than Ezoic, I would keep using it.

Giving Valueimpression The First Shot

I received the codes for the ads.txt file and I obtained codes for all types of ads that were present in the VLI dashboard.

VLI dashboard is quite simple compared to Ezoic and you can get the ad codes from the “Sites” page. After clicking on the “<>” icon all the tags appear from where you can simply copy and paste any ad code into your website.

VLI all ad tags

Click to enlarge

There are a lot of different banner sizes and ad types apart from those I showed above and it is easier to distinguish between them through their names, type, and size.

However, the first step was to edit the Ads.txt file because you won’t be able to make the ads work if you don’t include the list of all the advertisers that work with VLI.

If you don’t have a dedicated Ads.txt file you can make one for your site by accessing your HTML directory through an SFTP client like Filezilla or Winscp. After that, all you need is to add a blank notepad file and paste all the codes from the “Ads.txt Manage” page from VLI.

VLI ads

When I inserted some ads in the sidebar and inside the posts, the ads started showing soon but at that time I didn’t remove Ezoic ads completely. I was having 50-50% ads from both networks just to see if VLI outperforms Ezoic.

The site CPM was very low in the beginning. It was even lower than $1 and the total ad impressions were around 2000 per day. So, I was earning around $1.5-$2.0 per day which was definitely lower than what I expected.

July 2021 VLI earnings and eCPM

Click to enlarge

When I complained about it, the employee said that they have submitted my site to Google ADX and that once it gets approved, my income will increase dramatically.

So, I waited for a couple of days more and on 28th July, after around 14 days since the start, I saw things changing quickly. My site got approved and that dramatically increased my eCPM, Impressions, and therefore, the Revenue increased up to $15 per day.

August 2021 VLI earnings and eCPM

Click to enlarge

And this was when Ezoic was still activated. My traffic stayed at around 1500 visits per day. So, Valueimpression was definitely working great in the beginning.

Valueimpression vs Ezoic

In July 2021 before activating Valueimpression on the site, my site was earning around $8-$10 from Ezoic with the same amount of traffic. The earnings were reduced as I removed some of the ad codes to give space for Valueimpression ads.

As you can see from the Ezoic earnings graph below, the earnings were around $6-$7 when both Ezoic and Valueimpression were active at the same time. However, the earnings on Ezoic started to reduce from 12th Aug because of the changes I did.

Ezoic Aug 2021

Click to enlarge

Still, comparing the Ezoic-only earnings before activating Valueimpression, the latter was giving 1.5X more than Ezoic.

I also wanted to test Valueimpression-only earnings by disabling Ezoic. At this time both Ezoic and Valueimpression were giving me around $20 per day together which was really decent for 1500 visits per day. So, instead of disabling Ezoic completely, I added more ads from Valueimpression by replacing some Ezoic ads, particularly in the sidebar.

The earnings stayed somewhat similar to the combination of both ad networks and it was hovering between $15-$22.

With Ezoic, I was still getting a consistent $5 but earnings from Valueimpression dropped to $11-$12 per day when my organic site traffic was reduced by 20-25%.

So, at this point, I believed that Ezoic was not that behind Valueimpression considering that most ads on the site were from the latter.

Ezoic Dec 2021

Ezoic December 2021 Earnings

VLI Dec 2021

VLI December 2021 Earnings

November 2021 was the month that saw the highest ad revenue from Valueimpression standing at $514.50 which was definitely the highest I have ever earned with less than 50% of my prime traffic. This is mostly due to advertisers spending more in the last week of November for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Start Earning With ValueImpression

In the month of Dec 2021, the traffic reduced to 1100-1200 visits per day and earnings per day from Ezoic and Valueimpression were $4 and $10 on average respectively.

So, in total, I earned $145.17 from Ezoic and $342.93 from Valueimpression. So, the total ad revenue for the whole month with total pageviews of 45,295 was $488 which gives us the Earnings Per Thousand page views of $10.7.

But this was the month of December when advertisers are generally willing to spend much more than the rest of the year. So, the start of 2022 was pretty rough and my ad earnings dropped significantly from both ad networks.

However, there was still one thing left and that was testing the ad earnings with Valueimpression only. So, I disabled Ezoic completely in January when it was giving me $3.5-$4.0 per day while Valueimpression was giving $6-$8.

VLI Jan to Mar 2022

Valueimpression Earnings Jan to Mar 2022

The Valueimpression earnings jumped to $10-$12 at the end of Feb with a traffic of 1100-1200 visits per day. So, the combined earnings of Ezoic and Valueimpression remained equal to the earnings from Valueimpression alone.

I kept Ezoic deactivated till October 2022 thinking that Valueimpression would be sufficient.

The Current State Of Valueimpression

I would not say that Valueimpression is bad but it is not giving as good results as it used to and Valueimpression is not the only one, Ezoic is too not performing as good as the last year.

With the current traffic of 900-1000 visits per month on that site, Valueimpression gives $5-6 per day while Ezoic gives only $2. I also reduced the number of ads from both parties to enhance the user experience but the revenue wasn’t affected that much.

VLI dec 2022

Click to enlarge

What is interesting is that even though the eCPM from Valueimpression looks acceptable at around $1.5, the impressions are very low compared to what I used to get before.

On normal days, the eCPM sometimes drops to around $1 which reduces the earnings further. So, this may be the result due to several factors such as changes in the type of traffic, Google updates, and the changing strategies of advertisers.

Festive days also affect the eCPM/EPMV on both networks but it looks like that high traffic from Tier 1 countries is what you will need to maintain higher CPM.

Problems With Valueimpression

Many people have complained that Valueimpression gives them extremely low CPM. Some said they are receiving as low as $0.2 which is definitely not acceptable but as I mentioned before, your site needs to be approved by Google ADX to perform better.

I was too getting a CPM of $0.78 in the beginning but once the site got approved, the CPM was doubled the next day. CPM also depends on the quality of your traffic and after reading many stories, I have seen that Ezoic generally provides higher CPM(Ezoic uses EPMV) overall and works better with almost all niches.

Valueimpression can work better or worse depending on your site’s niche and traffic. So, there is no clear answer to whether Valueimpression will work better for your site or not.

The second problem with VLI in my opinion is that you cannot disable the video ad. You can either shift the placement of the ad to other places such as in the posts or the sidebar but cannot disable it completely.

It is one of the most revenue-generating sources from Valueimpression but I would like to see Ezoic bring Video ads like Valueimpression but in a way that makes it easy to enable or disable at any time.

Conclusion- Should You Use Valueimpression?

I find Valueimpression an effective ad network that you should give a try. It may increase your ad earnings better than your current network. While it is not the best ad network out there, it is certainly much better than Adsense.

If configured correctly on a site that is receiving high-quality traffic, you can earn more than Ezoic just as I have earned.

Let me know what ad network you are using currently and whether you have ever tried Valueimpression or not.

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