Best Ad Networks for Publishers

As a small publisher, finding the right ad network to monetize your website can be a daunting task.​ With so many options out there, it’s crucial to choose a network that not only offers competitive payouts but also provides excellent support and a user-friendly platform.​

In this article, we will explore some of the best ad networks for small publishers and why they stand out from the crowd.​

Google Adsense

One network that consistently ranks at the top is Google AdSense.​ Known for its reliability and extensive reach, AdSense is a favorite among publishers of all sizes.​ With its easy-to-use interface and powerful targeting options, AdSense allows you to display relevant ads that resonate with your audience.​ Plus, the platform offers detailed analytics and reporting tools, enabling you to track your earnings and optimize your ad performance.​


Very popular but controversial. The Ezoic platform is essentially an extender of Google Adsense and is made to optimize the earnings through RPM(Revenue per Mille) instead of CPM(Cost per Mille). This means publishers who are not getting enough clicks can try Ezoic if they get a good number of pageviews every day. With this network, most websites have seen a good revenue increase of up to two times and the best part is that it has potentially the least requirements.


But what if you’re looking for alternatives to Google AdSense? One network worth considering is Media.​net.​ Powered by Yahoo and Bing, Media.​net offers contextual ads that seamlessly blend with your website’s content.​ With its innovative technology and high-quality advertisers, Media.​net guarantees competitive CPM rates and timely payouts.​ Moreover, their dedicated account managers provide personalized support to ensure your success as a small publisher.​

Propeller Ads

Another player in the ad network industry is PropellerAds.​ Whether you’re a website owner, blogger, or app developer, PropellerAds has you covered.​ With a wide range of ad formats, including banners, push notifications, and interstitials, PropellerAds allows you to monetize your traffic from various sources.​ Their anti-adblock solution ensures that your ads reach your audience, even if they have ad-blockers enabled.​ And with their real-time reporting and optimization tools, you can easily maximize your revenue.​


While not very popular, ValueImpression depends mostly on video plus banner ad formats. The built-in system of VLI is made to increase your revenue by displaying both types of advertisements. VLI is as good as Ezoic in increasing the revenue but does not cause a negative experience in site loading which is the most annoying aspect of Ezoic.


If you’re looking for a network that focuses on native advertising, look no further than Taboola.​ Taboola’s algorithm analyzes your content and recommends relevant articles, videos, and products from their network of advertisers.​ By seamlessly integrating these recommendations within your website, you can enhance user engagement and generate ad revenue.​ With Taboola’s robust reporting and targeting options, you can effectively monetize your website while providing valuable content to your readers.​


For small publishers who prioritize user experience, AdThrive is a fantastic choice.​ AdThrive not only offers competitive payouts but also takes care of all the technical aspects of ad management.​ Their team of experts optimizes your ad layout and delivers lightning-fast ad loading times, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for your users.​ With AdThrive’s hands-on support and transparent reporting, you can rest assured that your website is in good hands.​


Mediavine is perhaps the most favored ad network for publishers that can increase ad earnings by several times. Several reports have shown that websites that switched from Adsense to Mediavine or even from Ezoic to Mediavine have seen a sharp growth of 2-10 times without an impact on the site speed. The only big concern here is the eligibility which is pretty high compared to other ad networks. You will require at least 50,000 sessions per month to be able to apply for Mediavine.


Looking for an ad network that specializes in video ads? Look no further than Teads.​ Teads partners with premium publishers to deliver high-quality video ads that captivate and engage viewers.​ With their cutting-edge technology, you can seamlessly integrate video ads within your content, providing an immersive experience for your audience.​ Plus, Teads offers in-depth performance analytics and optimization tools to help you maximize your video ad revenue.​


Another great ad network that is specifically made to improve ad earnings from video ads is VideooTV. Even though not that popular, VideooTV is a fantastic choice if you don’t want to display any other banner ads. It’s just a single video ad inside your post in the form of a slideshow that shows your website posts doing the job of decreasing the bounce rate while increasing your revenue. With this ad network, you can add a couple of bucks daily without adding any significant load to your website.


Last but not least, Sovrn is an ad network that offers a wide range of ad formats and optimization tools.​ With their header bidding technology, Sovrn ensures that you get the highest bids for your ad inventory.​ Their real-time reporting and analytics enable you to monitor your revenue in detail and make data-driven decisions.​ Moreover, Sovrn’s customer support team is known for its prompt and effective assistance, ensuring that your ad operations run smoothly.​


As a small publisher, choosing the best ad network for your website is crucial for your success.​ Whether you prefer the reliability and reach of Google AdSense, or the contextual ads of Media.​net, or the native advertising of Taboola, there is a network out there that suits your needs.​

By considering factors such as payout rates, support, and user-friendliness, you can make an informed decision and maximize your ad revenue.​ So go ahead and explore these top ad networks and take your small publishing business to new heights.​

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